The Freedive Gravedad Cero (FGC) are specialized courses that help the training of high performance athletes, the sequence of these courses is structured in a pedagogical way that helps the apneist to achieve very good marks and be trained as a very high level instructor. He will be capable not only to have an excellent performance and to dictate good courses, but also to be a certified trainer and coach.

Our standards are embodied in each of our courses and the aspirants in the course of their training as apneists, when graduating as an instructor, takes with him, the four slide shows which were made by graphic designers; with the aim of introducing the new FGC students in a very high level programmatic content planned by the American champion of apnea Antonio Del Duca; reviewed and edited to the best university style by the teacher Iris Margarita Fuentes doctor in Sciences of the Education. Likewise, the instructor receives a document with the name of Specific Activities, where the correct procedure and the topics to be followed are presented with the purpose of avoiding to lose any detail in the student’s teaching process.

These courses have been designed in sequence as a university career, where the student is going through different stages monitored by the teacher (instructor) to overcome his performance as an athlete. Likewise the aspirant in the course of his training obtains a total mastery of the subject and in this way manages to graduate as FGC instructor.


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