David Noguera

David Noguera


Born in Caracas on December 2, 1977, of Venezuelan parents, has a certification in Satellite Telecommunications Engineering and currently runs his own professional services company. During his adolescence, and after suffering a knee injury that prevented him from practicing basketball, he began his interest in the practice of underwater activities. In 2009 took  the Basic FGC Course Level 1 and  the Advanced FGC Course Level 2 dictated by Antonio del Duca and from that moment David  has not ceased in the practice of this more than sport, for him, a way of life.

He has participated in several national pool and depth championships, as well as been a safety Apneist in both competitions He has also been  logistic support and accompaniment in the preparation of the American Champion  Antonio Del Duca for his participation in national and international competitions. David is an underwater fisherman since 2010, player of the rugby team from The Underwater Caribbean, team with which he has participated in several championships. In 2012 he participated in the Apnea Week which took place in Sharm El Sheikh – Egypt, sharing experiences with the best apneists in the world such as:  Lotta Ericson, Sara Cambel, Natalia Molchanov and Alexey Molchanov. He is a founding member of Freedive Gravity Cero School, Venezuela and recently completed the FGC Trainer course Level 3, and the FGC Rescue and Salvage Course Level 4 with the purpose of training as a FGC International. Instructor

David has been a safety apprentice for Antonio Del Duca since 2008, he always cares for and accompanies him in his maxims of pool and depth, taking care of him and helping him to stay afloat in more than one opportunity. These activities have given him a great experience as an Apneist and a total mastery of the subject.

It is an honor to count on Freedive Gravedad Cero with an apneist who knows the subject of physiology, safety very well and with his natural conditions that make him to be a passionate of this discipline.


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