Frank Mejias

Frank Mejias


Born on May 7, 1986 in the city of Maracay, Aragua State – Venezuela, his parents are Venezuelan.

He is developing his research project on Clinical Psychology at Universidad Bicentenaria de Aragua. From his childhood, he is passionate about extreme sports such as skateboarding and Roller; and since his adolescence he has been interested in water sports: such as surfing, bodyboarding, water skiing, wakeboarding and extreme rafting.

For his skills and optimal conditions for practicing these disciplines related to water sports, he acquired a great experience in the sea; which impelled him to go further and knew the underwater world, where he discovered a new passion: the underwater sports.

In 2010 he embarked on a long journey, carrying out the Underwater Fishing course taught by the Venezuelan Federation of Underwater Activities (FVAS). This interest led him to the Scuba (Padi) diving course, becoming a source of income for commercial diving. Later he   got   his   navigation license through the National Institute of Aquatic Spaces. After a time, he attended an   Outboard Engine Repairs Course in Instituto Nacional de Capacitación y Educación Socialista (INCES).

Through the practice of underwater fishing, he developed apnea skills which led him to meet the American School of Apnea Freedive Gravedad Cero in 2015; when he contacted the instructor Antonio Del Duca who proposed him training as an international FGC instructor; Frank, without hesitation, accepted the challenge and began training for more than a year. In addition he attended the Levels 1,2,3 and 4  FGC courses which  greatly stimulated him and  thanks to the FGC didactic and his dedication he could overcome significantly his brands  that drove him in his training as an instructor.

He found in the Apnea a passion and the opportunity to develop the power of his mind that is immediately identified by his studies in psychology and as a future clinical psychologist.

Similarly, the practice of Yoga, Pranayama and Apnea  allowed him to develop a connection body and mind, which animated him to start one of his most ambitious degree project which   main topic deals with the mixing the  sports with the psychology field   in order to help and/or improve the training and formation  of more apneists.

It is a pleasure to have Frank at the FGC American School of Apnea, for his great sportsmanship and his eagerness to learn in a professional way the art of the good apneist.

Courses Completed

  • Basic FGC Course Level 1
  • Advanced FGC Course Level 2
  • FGC Coach Course Level 3
  • Rescue and Salvage FGC Course Level 4
  • FGC International Instructor Course
  • First Aid Course International Red Cross
  • PADI Open Water Scuba Course
  • Outboard Engines Repairs Course
  • FVAS Underwater Fishing Course
  • Breathing and Underwater Fishing FGC Workshop
  • Initiation Workshop for Underwater Fishing FVAS
  • Body Language Workshop
  • Criminal Personality Workshop
  • Family and Multifamily Therapies Workshop



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