Jorge Puertas

Jorge Puertas


Born in Aragua on July 12, 1989 his Father is from Lara State and his mother from Aragua State. Jorge graduated in Business Administration from Universidad Bicentenaria de Aragua. He is also photographer of flora and fauna; mainly that related to marine life and water sports. From a very young age Jorge was interested in the marine world practicing snorkeling and fishing. Since he was 5 years of age he practiced fishing with his father. Later, he practiced trolling.

As he was eager to know the world of the fishing went further and made the decision to practice submarine fishing. Because his   many years fishing and taking underwater photographs it was so easy to him diving in apnea; despite the fact that he has never taken a course in this discipline. After 22 years of fishing, he decided to take a long road starting the basic course of the FGC School in this way he learned to control breathing, to keep calm and realize the power of the mind.

The American Apnea School FGC and the instructor Antonio Del Duca gave him the opportunity to increase his knowledge in this particular discipline, by forming him during more than a year of training and dictating the FGC courses level 2, 3 and 4. Meanwhile, He was taking an Apnea Course focused on Underwater Fishing with the Panamanian champion and the FGC International instructor Jorge Lam who helped Mr. Puertas to improve his submarine hunting techniques, even though it seems impossible, he also learnt to call the fishes, thanks to the different techniques of underwater fishing taught by Lam.

As he was not completely satisfied with having completed the above-mentioned courses as an apneist, he contacted Antonio Del Duca and asked for the opportunity to train as an instructor at the end of 2016 when he achieved the minimum marks for getting this purpose and thus he became part of the staff of instructors of FREEDIVE GRAVEDAD CERO.

Es un gusto contar con este profesional en nuestra escuela, personas como Jorge Puertas preparados, estudiosos y apasionados de esta disciplina es lo que necesita FGC para crecer cada día más.

It is a pleasure to have this professional in our school, people like Jorge Puertas  who are prepared, studious and passionate about this discipline is what FGC  School needs to grow more every day.



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